Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

With BYOC, you can choose the carrier you want to plug into your existing contact center, conferencing, or unified communications platform. Choose Telnyx, the global, multi-cloud carrier, to connect to Microsoft Teams, 3CX, Plivo, and more.

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Unbundle your communications stack

Take advantage of all the benefits that partnering with a Tier 1 carrier has to offer
  • Cost

    Debundle your communications to take advantage of volume discounts as you scale. Watch your bills dwindle by going direct-to-carrier.

  • Quality

    Using multiple carriers means variable call quality. By choosing one carrier with direct access to the PSTN, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in quality, as calls go through less hops.

  • Control

    Bundled communications results in reduced control over your call routing. By partnering with a Tier 1 carrier you can choose how your calls get routed to best suit your needs.

We've done the heavy lifting so you don't have to

Check out the configuration guides in our Developer Center to see how easy integrating with Telnyx can be.

Connect Telnyx to your TwiML voice application in minutes for better call quality at lower costs.
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Learn how an easy change in your Plivo app could start saving you money in minutes.
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Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing for MS Teams gives you greater control over your routing and superior call quality.
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Your foundation for universal, future-forward communication.

Our private, global network was built for real-time communications. Telnyx utilizes a multi-cloud and multi-site infrastructure, which means that if one cloud provider goes down, we automatically fall back on other providers.

Partner with a licensed carrier for ultimate control

The regulations associated with telephony services are changing by the day. It can be hard to keep up, leaving you at risk of dropped service and fraud.

Since we're a licensed carrier in over 25 international markets, it's our duty to stay up to date with regulatory changes to keep your communications online and secure.

Take complete control of your telephony with our easy to use portal.

Telnyx gives you the power to customize, simplify and scale your communications as you see fit. Track your usage statistics, traffic levels and active calls in real-time.

Easily search our number inventory to acquire new numbers as you scale.

Ready to get started?

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Frequently Asked Questions

BYOC is a term that’s used to describe unbundling the communications stack whereby communications applications and platforms give their customers the option to choose their own SIP trunking provider and bring that carrier to their platform of choice.

There are lots of benefits to choosing your own, trusted carrier to power your communications. Businesses usually see massive cost savings, gain greater control over their telephony routing, see increased call quality and run into fewer regulatory issues when they choose to integrate their own carrier into their chosen platform.

We built our SIP services so that you can easily integrate Telnyx with any application or platform to get your business communications up and running quickly. All you have to do is spin up your Telnyx Mission Control account and follow along with one of our Bring Your Own Carrier guides.