Pay-as-you-go Elastic SIP Trunking pricing

You're only charged for what you use - nothing more. Per-minute charges apply based on the direction of the call (origination vs. termination), the type of phone number you use to receive a call, or the destination of a call.

Call type
Termination (make outbound calls)
Origination (receive inbound calls)
Local calls
Starting at
/ min
... / min
Toll-free calls
... / min

Get even deeper discounts, 6-second billing increments, and granular per-destination pricing with a committed usage agreement.

Intelligent Service pricing

Unlimited Call Concurrency
Secure Trunking
Call Recording
... / min
... / min per mo
T.38 Fax Support

Our best-in-class customer support team and on-call engineers are available 24/7 to all of our customers, as standard - without the minimum spend requirements imposed by other providers.

Pay-as-you-go Phone Number pricing

Our extensive inventory of on-demand phone numbers covers over 140 countries and over 19,000 US & Canada Rate Centers.

Local numbers
Toll-free numbers

In Depth SIP Trunking pricing

Make outbound calls


Receive inbound calls

Number type used
... / min
+ ... / mon
... / min
+ ... / mon

Porting numbers to Telnyx is simple, fast, and free.

Inbound Channel pricing

Each channel supports one concurrent inbound call. Channels can be shared across multiple phone numbers. Contact our experts to learn more.

Unlimited minutes

Custom volume pricing for Elastic SIP

Telnyx offers greater discounts as you scale, or when you're ready to commit to monthly usage.

Ready to Get Started?

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Telnyx offers lower SIP Trunk prices than Twilio. With Telnyx, you'll save 40% on average when you switch from Twilio. Telnyx SIP Trunk pricing starts at $0.005/ min for outbound and $0.0035/ min for inbound calls in comparison to Twilio's pricing of $0.007/ min and $0.0045/ min, respectivly. In addition, Telnyx offers automatic tiered volume discounts as you scale, with no negotiation required, unlike Twilio. If you're interested in learning more about what differentiates Telnyx from Twilio, take a look at our comparison guide.

The Telnyx SIP Trunk price per channel is dependent on the number of channels you buy. The first 10 channels will cost $12.00/ month, the next 40 will cost $11.00/ month, the next 200 will cost $9.00 per month and anything over 250 channels will cost $8.00/ month— meaning that the average cost of a SIP trunk goes down the more you buy. Each channel supports one concurrent inbound call.

The cost savings associated with moving to SIP trunking are a big reason why many companies have already switched from legacy systems. According to research by Gartner, companies can save up to 50% in telecoms expenses. The actual amount saved will depend on the size of your business and how much you utilize your communications system, but almost all businesses benefit from a reduction in capital costs and cheaper call rates when they transition to SIP trunking.

The Mission Control Portal defaults to 10 concurrent outbound calls but Telnyx are able to to accommodate more based on the customers requirements. If you need additional call volume on your SIP trunk reach out to us at to increase your limit.

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