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Introducing Telnyx Storage: Low-Cost Object Storage

Telnyx Storage is distributed cloud object storage evolved — lower cost, lower latency, and S3-compatible APIs for easy migration.

Odhran Reidy
We're excited to announce Telnyx Storage: cloud object storage powered by modern, decentralized infrastructure for lower costs and lower latency. Our S3-compatible APIs will help you migrate, and we'll never charge egress fees, so you can scale your apps and experiences with confidence.

Telnyx Storage fills a need that cloud giants can't meet

Cloud object storage has quickly become a cornerstone of the web with apps and services relying on S3 or a comparable service from other cloud giants.
We believe the next generation of connected experiences will outgrow the storage services provided by cloud giants. Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), autonomous vehicles, and large 8K content delivery will not just require high bandwidth, but low latency to serve objects and feed edge computation and decision making. Objects stored in one of a few centralized data centers will be too far from some end-users, meaning higher latency and slower, laggier experiences.
Alongside latency problems, the large file sizes at play in content-rich experiences mean that high per-GB storage costs and egress fees will become unsustainable for anyone looking to build an experience with large content demands.
That's why we're building Telnyx Storage - coming to you soon in invite-only beta.

Telnyx Storage saves you money on cloud object storage

Storing objects with Telnyx Storage costs $0.015 per GB, per month. That's a 30% cost saving over S3's standard entry-level storage costs. We'll never charge egress fees, so you can export your data without worry. Plus, our operations costs are lower than S3's so you can build, test, and scale your applications for less.

Telnyx Storage gives your apps lower-latency access to objects

We're building Telnyx Storage by deploying modern, distributed infrastructure in the US' fastest-growing cities. We're focusing on cities not currently served by S3, particularly those that experience high latency due to their distance from S3 data centers. By storing objects closer to end-users in these cities, Telnyx Storage customers can access and serve their objects to end-users faster, shaving milliseconds off latency.
To illustrate how low latency can transform an end-user's experience and enable low-latency, content-rich use cases, let's use an example. In autonomous driving applications serving small files to vehicles moving at highway speeds, 80 milliseconds of latency (typically seen in centralized cloud storage services) means vehicles will move four feet between requesting and receiving a response. Cutting that latency to 5 milliseconds with edge data centers means those same vehicles will move less than four inches between request and response. Reducing latency in object retrieval could enable latency-sensitive applications like this one to run almost entirely in the cloud.

Telnyx Storage gives you compatibility and data sovereignty

Telnyx APIs to store, manage, and access objects are fully compatible with S3, so you can simply point your S3-centric applications and services at Telnyx Storage API endpoints. No more wasted development cycles during painstaking migrations.
Telnyx Storage is built on top of the Filecoin blockchain network, which continuously validates that your files are stored correctly. By building our service on decentralized infrastructure, your data remains uncensored and accessible — even in the unlikely event that our APIs are not.

Telnyx Storage is for anyone building next-gen connected experiences

Telnyx Storage is for businesses that are building AR/VR applications, autonomous vehicles, 8K content delivery, or any field that requires data storage at low cost, with low latency. Learn more about Telnyx Storage and join the waitlist today for exclusive beta access, early-adopter pricing, and a chance to shape the product to meet your needs.
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