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Telnyx Enables Replicant to Meet Enterprise Demand due to COVID-19

Replicant can onboard new customers in days thanks to the flexibility of Telnyx Call Control, says CTO Benjamin Gleitzman in our video interview.

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Watch Replicant CTO Explain How they Leverage Telnyx

As contact centers faced unprecedented demand during the COVID-19 crisis, Replicant rose to the occasion, onboarding new customers in days and scaling to hundreds of thousands of concurrent calls without issue. Watch a clip from our video interview with co-founder and CTO, Benjamin Gleitzman, to learn how Telnyx helped provide this much-needed flexibility and resilience in their telephony layer:

Replicant leveraged the flexibility and scalability of the Telnyx network to efficiently meet the demands of new customers and ramp capacity with existing customers:
“Replicant can be on the phone now and taking 100% of call center traffic in days, not weeks or months, which can happen with other players who are out there on the market. We’ve ramped from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of calls per day with customers without experiencing any issues with Telnyx - it’s really been quite seamless.”

Replicant also leveraged the Telnyx Call Control API to build an innovative conversational AI voice responder, taking advantage of low-latency access to call audio to provide a smooth, automated customer experience:
“We build technology that’s easy to deploy, it scales quickly, and it reduces cost for companies, but we’ve also had some interesting products that are directly related to this new world.
We launched an AI voice responder that’s in many ways a triage and data collection thinking machine - it may ask you your name, why you’re calling, an email address that we can follow up with you about - and we’ve seen great adoption from this in the market.
We’re able to launch these AI voice responder use cases in - in some cases - two business days, we can get them out on the phone. For companies that are experiencing very long hold times or are having issues being able to service their callers, this is something that they can get up and running in days.”

Learn more about how Telnyx helped Replicant quickly adapt to solving call center capacity issues by watching a recording of our webinar with Replicant’s founders. Watch the full video interview from above, and learn more about Replicant’s partnership with Telnyx in our Customer Story.
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