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Product Release: Self-Service High-Volume/Short-Duration Calls

We’re excited to announce a outbound voice product: High-Volume/Short-Duration (HVSD) calls. It is now available in Mission Control Portal and Telnyx API.

Odhran Reidy
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We’re excited to announce a new outbound voice product: High-Volume/Short-Duration (HVSD) calls. HVSD is now available in the Mission Control Portal and Telnyx API.

Our current Conversational product limits the number of calls per second (CPS) that you can send. Additional restrictions also require your traffic to comply with specific call duration requirements.

With the new HVSD product, you can now send traffic in much larger volumes per IP address and with fewer call duration restrictions. Our cutting-edge switching infrastructure offers the ability to increase your volume dialer traffic without sacrificing quality. You can also reach international audiences with high-volume voice traffic, available globally via the Telnyx private Tier-1 network.

The ability to reliably deliver high-traffic volumes enables a variety of interesting use cases. Elastically scale your traffic demands as needed for political campaigns, call centers or emergency notifications.

Flat rate pricing starts as low as $0.01/min. Check out our detailed rate decks in the Portal, or talk to an expert about volume discounts.

How HVSD Works

HVSD can be enabled in three simple steps using the Telnyx Mission Control Portal:

  1. Create a new Outbound Profile with Traffic Type: Short Duration.
  2. Assign your connection to the new Outbound Profile.
  3. Configure your SIP device to send calls to

Further technical details can be found here.
Contact our customer support team 24/7 with any questions about our HVSD product and how you can benefit from this dedicated infrastructure.

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