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VIDEO: How to Send a Fax with the Telnyx Programmable Fax API

Our video walk-through shows you everything you need to send a fax in one API command using the Telnyx Programmable Fax API.

Odhran Reidy

Video Walkthrough to the Programmable Fax API

With the Telnyx Programmable Fax API, you can send, receive, and manage faxes programmatically through a set of easy-to-use HTTP endpoints.
In this video guide, Product Marketing Manager Odhran walks through the entire process for sending a fax via API.

Find These Steps and More in the Developer Center

All of the steps in the video, along with the code used for the cURL command, can be found at our Developer Center:
  • Creating a Telnyx Mission Control Portal account.
  • Creating a Programmable Fax Application and instructing it to send webhooks to a temporary development endpoint on
  • Purchasing a phone number and associating it with the Programmable Fax Application.
  • Creating an Outbound Voice Profile and associating it with the Programmable Fax Application.
  • Building the cURL command used to send the fax.
  • Executing the command and watching the fax print from a real-life fax machine.

Want to try it out for yourself? Get started by creating an account.
Once you're all up and running sending faxes, take the next steps and watch our next video on Receiving a Fax.
Curious about how Programmable Fax can transform your document workflows? Talk to our fax experts today.
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