Use Cases

Two Factor Authentication

Use SMS or voice codes to verify customer account credentials and keep your data safe. Scaling your 2FA solution is easier than ever with our new Verify API.
  • Quick Implementation

    Easily add an extra layer of security with a one-time PIN code sent to a user’s phone.
  • Security When It Counts

    Keep payments, account change confirmations and access to your servers secure.
  • Build What You Need

    Avoid the limitations of out-of-the-box solutions. Use our flexible API to build a custom experience.


Validate your users for added security

triggers a PIN code message

A user signs into their account with their username and password. Based on your application’s logic, this will trigger Telnyx to send a PIN code via voice or SMS to the phone number associated with that user’s account.

Code is received and entered correctly

The user receives the code and enters it into your application’s PIN code input field.

Access granted

Your application verifies the PIN code to confirm that the user’s phone number is linked to the account. Your application will then give the user full access.

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Verify API: our out-of-the-box two factor authentication solution.

Verify API lets you build 2FA at scale. Get started in two easy steps:

  • Create a 2FA profile that contains the configurations for sending out two factor authentication codes.

  • Create a 2FA verification using the 2FA profile ID and the end user’s phone number.

Choose Telnyx for messages that send the first time, every time.

  • High Deliverability
    Telnyx is an enterprise-grade carrier with our own private backbone.
  • Deep Number Inventory
    We give you infinite choice and flexibility with phone numbers in over 60 countries.
  • Global Reach
    Extend your global footprint to reach any SMS-enabled number in the world.
  • Unparalleled 24/7 Support
    Our team of in-house engineers is available around the clock.
  • Fair and Transparent Pricing
    We offer pay-as-you-go pricing with automatic volume and commitment discounts.

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Questions on setup? Talk to our experts